Configuring an Inner Guide. V1

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Explanation of this Guided Experience

Mastering this experience is of fundamental importance. Without doing so one will not be able to carry out a valuable series of exercises that will be very useful in daily life and in certain special situations. We also recommend that you read "The Internal Guide".

Guided Experience

I find myself in a luminous landscape, a place where I have felt a great happiness. (*)

I can see the sun, and it is growing larger. I can look at it without any harm or discomfort. Remarkably, two rays come down from it, one gently reaching my head, and the other reaching my heart.

I begin to feel very light, and feel myself being drawn toward the sun. Following the luminous rays, I move upward toward the sun.

I feel the soft and beneficial warmth of the enormous disc of the sun, which becomes a gigantic sphere as I draw nearer.

I enter the sun, and once inside, I breathe in and out, fully and deeply. The light that surrounds me enters my body with the rhythm of my breathing, filling me with more energy with each breath I take.

I feel peaceful and radiant. Then, with my best feelings, I ask for my inner guide to appear before me, in whatever manner is best. (*)

My guide responds, “I represent your inner Force, your energy, and if you know how to use me, you will have direction in life, you will have inspiration, and you will have protection. But you must make an effort to see me very clearly, or to feel my presence strongly.” (*)

I ask my guide to place their hands on my forehead, and to leave them there for a few moments.

I begin to feel that starting from the center of my chest, a transparent sphere is growing outward, until it contains both of us. (*)

I ask my guide for a profound feeling of love for everything that exists to be reborn within me, and to accompany me in life, giving me joy and peace. (*)

I ask about the meaning of life, and wait for my guide’s answer. (*)

I ask about the value of my life, and wait for my guide’s answer. (*)

I ask what death really is, and wait for my guide’s answer. (*)

In a reflective way, I ask about some special situation in my life, and wait for my guide’s answer. (*)

I ask my guide always to be with me in moments of doubt and distress, and also to accompany me in moments of joy.

Now my guide moves away from me, and transforms into a large flower whose open petals contrast with the luminous background of the sun’s disc. Then the flower continues to change in shape and colors, as though it were a harmonious kaleidoscope. And I realize that my guide will answer all my requests.

I begin to move away from the brilliant sun, filled with life and strength.

I descend, following the two luminous rays back down to the beautiful landscape, recognizing that within me there is a great kindness that seeks to express itself in the world of people. (*)


Repeat this experience several times until you master it. It does not matter whether you see your Guide, or instead feel his or her "presence." Whatever the case, your Guide will be well configured when you can always evoke or call it in the same way.

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