Internal physical relaxation

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Review your external relaxation, and repeat it until you master the technique. Try to do it faster each time without losing the quality of your relaxation.
Now let's go on to the internal relaxation. First, relax externally, and then feel your head. Feel your eyes, and try to feel your eyeballs and the muscles that surround both eyes very well. Now feel the inside of both of your eyes at the same time.
Experience an internal and symmetrical sensation of both your eyes, and then move your attention toward the inside of your head, relaxing your eyes completely. Continue to move toward the inside of your head, letting yourself slip toward the inside while relaxing completely. Continue as though you are slowly "falling" down your throat toward your lungs. Symmetrically feel the inside of both lungs and relax them. Then, continue to descend inside your stomach, relaxing all your internal tensions as you go. Keep moving downward, relaxing the inside of your lower abdomen until you reach the bottom of your trunk. Finish with the whole inside of your body perfectly relaxed.

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