The Principle of Avoiding Opposition

“It does not matter in which faction events have placed you. What matters is that you comprehend that you have not chosen any faction”

This does not mean that you have to abandon all factions. Rather, it suggests that you consider your position as being the result of factors that have little to do with your own choice: your education and upbringing, your surroundings, etc. This attitude makes fanaticism recede, and at the same time permits you to understand the factional affiliations and the positions of other people. Clearly, this way of considering the problem of factions contributes to a freedom of the mind, and opens a fraternal bridge toward others, even when they do not agree with your ideas, or even appear to oppose your ideas.

At the same, this Principle recognizes the lack of freedom in the situations one has not created, affirms the freedom to deny that there is a true opposition if other people are part of the same involuntary situations. In other words: I did not decide to be tall or short, fat or thin; and if my condition is accompanied by apparent opposition by others who did not choose their group either, then I have the freedom to deny and avoid that opposition. Since I did not invent tall people or short people, fat ones or thin ones, then I deny that any stereotype or opposition based on these matters could be a reasonable, responsible opposition.

Let us look at an old teaching about this:

The enemies of Jesus decided to trap him. They presented him with two possibilities. By choosing either one, he would be left in a bad position regarding the other.

They approached him and said, “Master, we know that you are a lover of truth, and that you teach the path of God with truth, and that you bow before no one, since you do not have preference for anyone among men. Tell us then, what do you think: Is it lawful to give tribute to Caesar, or should the tribute be for the priests?”

And Jesus, understanding their malice, told them, “Why do you try me,   hypocrites?     Show me the coin of tribute.”

They gave him a denarius. Then he told them, “Of whom is this figure?”

They told him, “Of Caesar.” And he told them, “Give then to Caesar that which belongs to Caesar and to God that which belongs to God.”

Hearing this, the enemies were confounded and they went away.

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