The Principle of Solidarity

“When you treat others as you want them to treat you, you liberate yourself” 

This Principle has important consequences because it leads to opening, to positive communication with other human beings. We know that isolation and self-enclosure generate problems that can be serious. What is called “selfishness” can be reduced precisely to a problem of self-enclosure and lack of communication. This Principle gives importance to the act of going positively toward others, and it complements the previous Principle that recommends: “Do not harm others,” although there is a great difference between the two.

The Lesson about solidaric action is one of the oldest of humanity. 

Let us consider the following example:

A disciple asked Confucius, “What is a good man?”

The master replied, “You can tell a good man by his good actions. If a ruler does his utmost for his people and lives only for them, you can call him good. But, more than good, he is saintly who strengthens himself first in knowledge and later gives it to others, who do to others that which he would like them to do to him. In this way, without being a ruler any subject can become a saint in his measure. And this does not depend on his rank nor on his possessions.”

download: The Principle of Solidarity.pdf 

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