The Principle of Wise Action

“You will make your conflicts disappear when you understand them in their ultimate root, not when you want to resolve them”

This Principle invites us to avoid irrational improvisations that are not thought through when facing conflicts. It doesn´t say that we shouldn´t do something about a problem, but rather that, as we act, we should comprehend what we are doing. Almost everyone becomes anxious when facing a conflict and jumps into the problem, trying to solve it without comprehending the root of it. In this way, the problem becomes even more complicated and keeps producing more problems in an endless chain. Let us consider a story that illustrates this:

Let´s consider this legend as an example:

A young shepherd passed the cold nights badly because of his blanket, though not because it was badly woven or of poor quality.

The shepherd was in the habit of talking to himself in this way: “Since my childhood, this blanket has protected me from wind, ice, and snow; but now the cold passes through it. Without a doubt it has been torn here and there with long use. If it served me as a boy it should also serve me now. It should be enough to patch it up“

So he made the patches and restored it to good condition.

The following night he noticed that his feet remained uncov­ered and almost froze.     So he took the blanket and pulled it down,   leaving a large part of his chest uncovered because the blanket was too short.

In   this way   he   passed   the night covered below and uncovered above,   or vice versa.

The next night he reflected in this way:     “If this blanket accompanied me in childhood and served well as protection, it should also serve now be­cause it   is as good as new after I repaired it.     I will have   to curl up quite a bit when I sleep since I seem to have grown too big for it.”

And the next dawn found the young one sleepless,   his whole body aching, so great had the discomfort cramped been from his position.

So he decided, “The blanket has not grown in all this time, nor can I make myself smaller for us to continue together.”

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