Unity and Contradiction

Almost all of the actions that we carry out every day have a routine character, largely related to habits we have acquired through repetition over a long period of time.

We also carry out actions that, instead of leaving us indifferent like those we regularly repeat, leave us with a feeling of fulfillment, or of uneasiness.

There are actions that give us a good feeling, and then, when we remember them, we wish we could repeat them again. They also have the characteristic of being things we don’t get tired of, but rather, when we carry them out, they give us the register that we are becoming better, that we are growing internally. If we eat a delicious meal, this leaves us with a pleasurable sensation, but we become tired of it if we eat beyond a certain limit. Also, if we remember this meal when we are hungry, we want to eat it again, but each time we do we have a sensation of being full or satisfied, but not of personal improvement or internal growth.

There is another type of action that leaves a good sensation at the moment we do these actions, but later on when we remember them we feel bad. For example, if in order to relieve our momentary tensions we fight with someone, it is possible that at the time we will register an internal release, but afterwards we will feel something like remorse, and will realize that it will not be good to repeat such actions. We will also notice that this form of behavior does not make us grow internally; it does not make us better.

Actions that give internal unity always have these qualities: 

  1. doing them gives us a good register or feeling
  2. we would like to repeat these actions
  3. they give us a feeling of becoming better

If any of these three requirements is absent, it means that we are in the presence of actions that are habitual and necessary for life, but more or less neutral; or with actions that are momentarily pleasurable; or finally, with contradictory actions.

Unifying or contradictory actions give you a characteristic feeling when you do them, and when you remember them, and they predispose you toward certain behavior in the future. Therefore, avoiding contradictory actions and reinforcing actions of internal unity is of the utmost importance. Having the disposition to achieve a unified life marks the beginning of a true meaning and a new direction in our behavior in everyday life.

Observing the Principles presented in Chapter XIII of The Inner Look leads us directly to carrying out valid actions that give internal unity and lead us away from contradiction.

Thus, for example, the “Principle of Accumulating Actions” says:

“Contradictory and unifying acts accumulate within you. If you repeat your acts of internal unity, nothing can detain you.”

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