VII. Presence of the Force

from the book The Inner Look

The fifth day.

1. When I was truly awake I scaled from comprehension to comprehension.

2. When I was truly awake yet lacked the strength to continue the ascent, I was able to draw the Force from within myself. This Force was present throughout my body. All of the energy was present even in the smallest cells of my body, and it circulated more rapidly and more intensely than my blood.

3. I discovered that the energy concentrated in those points of my body that were active, and was absent when they were not.

4. During illness the energy was either lacking or it accumulated precisely in the areas of my body that were affected. But if I was able to reestablish the normal flow of the energy, many illnesses began to recede.

Some peoples knew this, and through various procedures that seem strange to us today they were able to reestablish the flow of the energy.

Some peoples knew this, and they were able to communicate this energy to others, producing “illuminations” of comprehension and even physical “miracles.”

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