Laying on of Hands

This ceremony is carried out at the request of one or more persons.
The Officiant and the Assistant are standing.

Officiant: My mind is restless.

Participants: My mind is restless.

Officiant: My heart is troubled.

Participants: My heart is troubled.

Officiant: My body is tense.

Participants: My body is tense.

Officiant: I relax my body, my heart, and my mind.

Participants: I relax my body, my heart, and my mind.

The Officiant and the Assistant sit down and allow some time to pass. The Officiant stands.

Officiant: If you wish to receive the Force, you should understand that at the moment of the Laying on of Hands you will begin to experience new sensations. You will perceive increasing undulations. Positive emotions and memories will arise. When this occurs, allow the passage of the Force to take place freely…

Let the Force manifest within you, and do not stop it from acting by itself…

Feel the Force and its inner light…

Let the Force manifest freely…

After some time the Assistant stands.

Assistant: Those who wish to receive the Force may stand.

For a large number of participants, the Assistant invites them to remain standing at their seats; for smaller numbers, participants are invited to form a circle around the Officiant. After a brief time the Officiant begins the Laying on of Hands. If necessary, the Assistant may aid the circulation of the participants, at times accompanying some to their seats. Following the Laying on of Hands, some time is given for participants to assimilate the experience.

Assistant: With this Force that we have received, let us concentrate our minds on the fulfillment of what we truly need. Or let us concentrate our minds on the fulfillment of what a loved one truly needs.

The Assistant invites participants to stand and silently carry out their Askings. On occasion one of the participants may formulate an Asking for someone else, whether present or not.
After letting some time pass.

Officiant: Peace, Force, and Joy!

Participants: For you also, Peace, Force, and Joy!

download: Laying on of Hands.pdf

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