II. Disposition to Comprehend

from the book The Inner Look

1.  I know how you feel because I can experience your state, but you do not know how to experience the things I am speaking of. Therefore, if I speak to you without self-interest of that which makes the human being happy and free, it is worth your while to try to comprehend.

2.  Do not think that you will arrive at understanding by arguing with me. You may do so if you believe that in this way your understanding will become clearer, but it is not the appropriate path in this case.

3.  If you ask me what attitude is appropriate, I will tell you that it is to meditate profoundly and without haste on what is explained here.

4.  If you reply that you are busy with more urgent things, I will answer that since your wish is to sleep or to die, I will do nothing to oppose it.

5.  Nor should you argue that you dislike my way of presenting things, for you do not criticize the peel when you like the fruit.

6.  I state things in the way I consider appropriate, not as might be desired by those who aspire to things remote from inner truth.

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