Weekly Meeting of Experience

The basic requirement for a Weekly Meeting it to carry out the Service.

This is a meeting for contacting and experiencing the Force. The more participants there are, the better the experience.

All other ceremonies are performed on request, so if no one requests them, they are not carried out.

Ceremonies are modular in structure, and can be combined depending on the needs of the community.

The Service, Laying on of Hands and Recognition are ceremonies of experience. Assistance can also be included in this group. Others have a social character: Marriage, Protection, Well-being and Death.

What is of interest in these ceremonies is the active participation of the participants. When people share their personal testimony, the meaning of the ceremonies is reinforced.

In the ceremonies of Protection, Death and Well-being individuals often give their testimonies before, during and/or after the ceremony, depending on the circumstances. In the Service, when it is time to reflect on a thought from the book, individuals should feel free to express themselves outloud for the benefit of the entire community.

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