This ceremony is carried out at the request of a group of people. When possible, the participants are seated. The Officiant and Assistant are standing.
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Assistant: We are gathered here to turn our thoughts to those dear to us. Some of them are facing difficulties in their emotional lives, some in their relationships with others, some with their health. To them we direct our thoughts and our best hopes.

Officiant: We have faith that our call for well-being will reach them. Let us think of those dear to us. Let us feel the presence of those dear to us. Let us experience contact with those dear to us.

Assistant: Let us take some time to meditate on the difficulties that they are facing…

A few minutes are given so that the participants may meditate.

Officiant: Now we would like these people to feel our best hopes for them. A wave of relief and well-being will reach them…

Assistant: Let us take a short time to mentally locate the situation of well-being that we wish for our loved ones...

A few minutes are given for participants to concentrate their minds on this.

Officiant: We conclude this ceremony by allowing the opportunity, for those who desire, to feel the presence of those loved ones who, although they are not here in our time or in our space, are connected to us in this experience of love, peace, and warm joy…

A short time is given for this.

Officiant: This has been good for others, comforting for us, and inspiring for our lives… Greetings to everyone immersed in this current of well-being, which has been strengthened by the best wishes of all those present…

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