The Inner Look - XVIII. Action and Reaction of the Force

Associating representations with emotional charges. Evoking an image that has previously been linked to emotional states, which then elicits or returns the associated states. “Being thankful” as a technique useful in daily life to associate images with positive emotional states.

Earlier I explained to you: “Whenever you find great strength, joy, and kindness in your heart, or when you feel free and without contradictions, immediatelybe internally thankful.”

  1. “To be thankful” means to concentrate these positive moods and to associate them with an image, with a representation. If you have previously linked positive states in this way, you can, upon finding yourself in a difficult situation, evoke that representation, and along with it will arise the positive quality that accompanied it earlier. Furthermore, since this mental “charge” has been increased through previous repetitions, it is capable of displacing the negative emotions that certain situations can impose.
  2. Thus, whatever you ask for will return from within you amplified in benefit as long as you have accumulated within yourself numerous positive states. By now it should be unnecessary to repeat that, believing they would respond to prayers and supplication, this mechanism has long been used (though in confused ways) to “charge” external objects or persons, as well as internal entities that have been “projected.”

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