The Inner Look - XVII. Loss and Repression of the Force

Discharges of the energy. Sex as the center that produces energy.
  1. The greatest discharges of energy occur through uncontrolled acts, including unbridled imagination, unchecked curiosity, immoderate small talk, excessive sexuality, and exaggerated perception—looking, listening, tasting, and so on in an aimless and excessive manner. But you should also recognize that many act in these ways because it allows them to discharge tensions that would otherwise be painful. All things considered, and given the function served by these discharges, I am sure you will agree with me that it is not reasonable to repress them but rather to give order to them.
  2. As for sexuality, you must interpret this correctly: This function must not be repressed because that will only cause torment and internal contradiction. Sexuality directs itself toward and concludes in the act itself, and it is not useful that it continues affecting the imagination, or is expressed as an obsessive search for a new object of possession.
  3. The control of sex by a particular social or religious “morality” has served purposes that had nothing to do with evolution, but the contrary.
  4. In repressed societies, the Force (the energy of the representation of the sensation of the intrabody) turned back toward the crepuscular. In those societies, cases increased of the “possessed,” of “witches,” of the sacrilegious, and of criminals of all kinds who rejoiced in suffering and the destruction of life and beauty. In some tribes and civilizations the criminals were to be found among both the accusers and the accused. In other cases all that was science and progress was persecuted because it opposed the irrational, the crepuscular, and the repressed.
  5. The repression of sex still exists among certain so-called “primitive peoples,” just as it does in other so-called “advanced civilizations.” It is evident that although the origins of these two situations may differ, both are marked by great destructiveness.
  6. If you ask me to explain further, I will tell you that in reality sex is sacred, and it is the center from which all life and creativity springs, just as it is from there that all destruction arises when issues about its functioning are not resolved.
  7. Never believe the lies of the poisoners of life when they refer to sex as despicable. On the contrary, in it is beauty, and not in vain is it related to the best feelings of love.
  8. Be careful, then, and consider sex a great wonder, which must be treated with care, without turning it into a source of contradiction or disintegration of vital energy.

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