The Inner Look - XII. The Discoveries

Circulation of the energy. Levels. The nature of the Force represented as “light.” Examples from diverse peoples.

The tenth day.

Few but important were my discoveries, which I summarize this way:

  1. Though the Force circulates through the body involuntarily, it can be directed through conscious effort. Achieving an intentional change in the level of consciousness grants the human being an important glimpse of liberation from the “natural” conditions that seem to impose themselves on the consciousness.
  2. Within the body are points that control its diverse activities.
  3. There are differences between the state of being-truly-awake and other levels of consciousness.
  4. The Force can be led to the point of real awakening (understanding by “Force” the mental energy that accompanies particular images and by “point” the location of such an image in a certain “place” in the space of representation).

These conclusions led me to recognize in the prayers of ancient peoples the seed of a great truth—a truth later obscured by external rites and practices,making it impossible for them to develop that internal work which, realized with perfection, puts human beings in contact with their luminous source. Finally, I observed that my “discoveries” were not discoveries at all, but arose from the inner revelation at which all arrive who, without contradictions, search for the light in their own hearts.

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