The Inner Look - XI. The Luminous Center

Relates the energy to the inner allegory of the “luminous center.” Phenomena of internal integration as “ascent toward the light.” Phenomena of internal dissolution registered as “withdrawal from the light.”

The ninth day.

  1. In the Force was “the light” that came from a “center.”
  2. In withdrawal from the center there was a dissolution of the energy, while in the unification and evolution of the energy that luminous center was at work.

It did not strike me as strange to find a devotion to the Sun-god among ancient peoples. And I understood that while some worshipped this heavenly object because it gave life to the earth and to nature, others recognized in that majestic body the symbol of a greater reality.

There were those who went still further and received innumerable gifts from this center, gifts that at times “descended” as tongues of fire over the inspired ones, at times arrived as luminous spheres, and at times appeared as burning bushes before the fearful believer.

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