The Inner Look - VIII. Control of the Force

Relates the depth or superficiality of the energy to the levels of consciousness.

The sixth day.

  1. There is a way of directing and concentrating the Force that circulates through the body.
  2. In the body are points of control on which depend what we know as movement, emotion, and idea. When the energy acts in these points it gives rise to motor, emotional, and intellectual manifestations.
  3. Depending on whether the energy acts more internally or superficially in the body, the states of deep sleep, semi-sleep, or wakefulness arise. Surely, the halos that surround the bodies or heads of the saints (or the great awakened ones) in religious paintings allude to this phenomenon of the energy, which on occasion manifests more externally.
  4. There is a point of control of being-truly-awake, and there is a way of bringing the Force to this point.
  5. When the energy is led to this point, all the other points of control move in a new way.

Upon understanding this and hurling the Force to this superior point, my entire body felt the impact of an enormous energy. This energy struck powerfully within my consciousness, and I ascended from comprehension to comprehension. But I also observed that if I lost control of the energy I could descend to the depths of the mind. Then, seeing the dividing line between these mental states, I remembered the legends of “heavens” and “hells.”

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