The Inner Look - V. Intimation of Meaning

Some non-habitual mental phenomena.

The third day.

  1. At times I have anticipated events that later took place.
  2. At times I have grasped a distant thought.
  3. At times I have described places I have never been.
  4. At times I have recounted exactly what took place in my absence.
  5. At times an immense joy has surprised me.
  6. At times a total comprehension has overwhelmed me.
  7. At times a perfect communion with everything has filled me with ecstasy.
  8. At times I have broken through my reveries and seen reality in a new way.
  9. At times I have seen something for the first time, yet recognized it as though I had seen it before.

       …And all this has made me think. It is clear to me that without these experiences I could not have emerged from the non-meaning.

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